2007 Garden

So the planning and prep work for our backyard veggie garden has begun.  Yes, I know, it should have been planned months ago and the prep work started last month but what can I say?  I’m not one to accomplish things in a timely manner.  It’s something that stems from the very core of my being apparently since even my uterus is the queen of procrastination and prefers to go by a 42 week schedule rather than the regular 40 when it comes to popping buns outta the oven. 

Anyway, so the digging of the garden has begun.  Now, if we were just re-digging the area from last year, this would be a done deal.  But I decided to expand our little garden this year and there in lies the problem.  Rock. Hard. Dirt. !!  Oh how I despise it!  It’s all I can do to keep myself from throwing myself on the ground, kicking and screaming and pounding the darn dirt in frustration and exhaustion after 20 minutes of scratching the surface digging.  Not the best example for my four little ones.  And believe you me, that’s the only thing that keeps me on my feet!  Oh!  And the longing I have to run to Home Depot and gather all the veggie baby plants my little heart desires!  But I refuse to allow myself to even visit the babies at Home Depot until I have their dirt bed all soft and fluffy and warm for them. 

 So this morning I was complaining to my husband about how hard this dirt is, how long it’s taking to dig it up and how I’m sooo gonna need his help with it.  First thing he asks is, “Have you tried soaking it?”

uummm, weeellll, lemme think a minute….. DUH!!

Needless to say, the soaking has begun.