My most favorite recipe website is if you haven’t checked it out already, go now!  You won’t be disappointed.  Well, at least I never am.  It’s a great website that lists absolutely gazillions of recipes and you can see right off the bat what other cooks, just like you, have rated the recipes.  But the greatness doesn’t end there, you can also click on the rating of a particular recipe that has started your mouth watering and see what those other cooks have actually written.  What changes they made, what they would do different next time, what other ingredient options they have used, etc.  The possibilites are endless as far as the advice you can glean.  

Another website I’ve gotten several recipes from is  Oh, me, oh, my!  Is Ree ever a fabulous cook!  Her recipe pictures never fail to get me salivating.  Like right now, if you click on her site, she’s got creamed spinach as the most recent recipe.  No offense to spinach but I’m not a big fan of it being creamed but wouldn’t ya know?! Ree’s got be drooling all over myself as I gaze upon it’s greatness.  And durned if I’m gonna try it out.  Now, I have to warn any of you health nuts who may be out there, Ree’s site is NOT for you.  If you aren’t a fan of butter, do not touch that link with a ten foot pole!!  ‘Cuz she uses it a lot.  That’s why I love her so and I’m not ashamed to say it.  I LOVE BUTTER!!!  (While we’re on the subject of Ree’s site, go check out everything she’s got – and there’s a lot of it.  She’s a hilarious writer and it’s so fun to read about her life on a huge cattle ranch out in OK.  I find myself wanting to be her bestest friend.  Okay, truthfully?  I AM her bestest friend, she just doesn’t know it.  Just make sure you come back and visit me in between reading her posts about how she and her hubby met and fell in love, K?!)

Back to cooking, I really aspire to be a really talented cook.  And thanks to these recipe websites, I’ve got a lot of my friends fooled into thinking I already am!  So go check ’em out and let me know what recipes you’re trying out.  You might find one I want to give a go at too.