So, here in the Runningamuck Household, we celebrate Easter, the day our Savior rose from the grave and forever changed the way we sinful, ugly humans can experience the Forgiveness and unconditional Love of our Creator.

And then we celebrate Spring, with all the candy hububabaloo the weekend after Easter.  That’s how my parents did it when I was growing up and it was a natural progression of things for Hubby and I to do with our kids (since Hubby thought it was a great way to separate the two holidays). 

From a purely financial standpoint, let me just tell you, there is nothing like shopping for Spring Fling candy when all the “Easter” candy is 50-75% off!  That’s cause for a celebration in and of itself.  My veins start to shake in anticipation of the sugar rush as soon as my feet hit the floor of the candy aisle.  The downside?  Well, I tend to go a little overboard since it’s all so cheap.  Now, before you start calling Child Protective Services to take my children and do an emergency sugar-detox on them, most of it doesn’t go to them.  I work really hard at making sure their Spring Fling baskets are a good balance of sugar AND toys.   See, I think there’s no better combo than sale candy and cheap annoying little toys that break after a few days and/or leave tiny bits of themselves all over the house for me step on and get lodged in my foot.   Great huh?!  Hubby REALLY loves it when they end up in his feet!  

But here my problem.  I have a lot of “leftover” candy.  The bags of my favorites that I just couldn’t pass up because they are less than a $1 each.  NOW what do I do with it all?  I can’t just leave them in the cupboard and reward myself with one little tiny piece every now and then.  Because you know what ends up happening?  It starts at 6am when I manage to drag myself out of bed for my quiet time and coffee.  Hey! I was a good girl!  That deserves a mini Milky Way.  7am: Make a nice healthy breakfast for the kids, Mummie Points for me (did I ever mention I grew up in England?  Story for another post) and I’ll reward myself with a Peppermint Patty (on really hectic mornings, this doubles as teeth brushing since it leaves my breath minty-fresh.  Never you mind those chunks of chocolate left to rot out the crevices of my molars).  Fast-forward through both kid and mummie (I think I’m going to keep using this, makes me have a flash back to the 80’s every time I type it, and who doesn’t like a little 80’s flashback?!)  morning chores and BAM! it’s 9am and time for school.  Sneak in another little reward called a Cadbury Mini Egg from the freezer (my most favorite at the moment) for staying on schedule and getting the house cleaned up properly before the rest of the day destroys it (note to self: must take picture daily to prove to Hubby that it actually was clean for a brief moment in time that day).  Struggle through balancing three different grade levels (1st, Kinder, and Preschool/Distract-Everyone else) simultaneously.  All lessons completed?  Yippee! Reward time = a handful of pastel-colored peanut M&M’s snuck into the bathroom while I take my luxurious 2.5 minute shower.  This goes on all day long.  Ya know, I never realized how much I have to reward myself for!  Not that I really deserve any of it…  But you get my point.  I have no self-control.  But I can’t leave them be.  So I see only way to resolve this problem.

Eat my way through them.  ALL of them.  As fast as I can.  So I can get to working it all off as soon as possible. 

p.s. Hubby is no help because he just started a “Biggest Loser” contest with a bunch of people from work.  And let me tell you, there is no way I’m letting him anywhere near my stash (or is it stashes if I have them hidden all over the house for “safety” reasons?) when the prize money is up to $1,200?!! Hellooo?  That spells a great vacation with my hunky husband if you ask me.  No way I’m letting that one get away!

So here’s to eating my way through this big ol’ Candy Mountain that was once my home.  Stop by anytime to help me out… but avert your eyes while I access a stash.  That’s top secret information my friend.