So, as I was wandering the net this morning.  Ya know, doing my daily ritual to sound of kids munching cereal behind me.  And I came across this post.  I can’t remember how I ended up there.  I think there were to many interruptions for more milk or to pick up Lil Blue’s spoon again.  But I got here none the less.  And Readers, if you have a daughter, you’d better go read it.  I think it’s a fabulous idea.  What better way to boost the self-esteem of your pre-teen/teen and bestow words of wisdom (lets face it, they’ll listen a whole lot better if it comes from another respected adult) than to hold a party like this. 

I’m starting to plan Poppett’s already.  What do you think though, would you include men or just keep it women?  I can’t decide. 

As a side note, Poppett has let me know she would rather be called “Elephant” (her favorite animal) or “Hippo”.  Sorry, but I could never call my daughter “Hippo”.  But I might just have to change it to “Elephant”.  And if I do, it would take some serious explaining in my “About” page!