My sister sent me this trailer for a new movie that’s coming out.  If any of you have seen “Facing the Giants” (and if you haven’t, you need to go rent it right this minute.  Put your cup of coffee down, grab your keys and head to Blockbuster.  So you might get a few strange looks on your way.  Just pretend that having one side of your bands sticking straight up off your head and the back of your hair all matted and tangled is the new “In” thing.  Oh, and your smashed eyelashes and wrinkle lines on your face too.   Shake those gawkers off.   Haven’t they seen true inner beauty before?! )

So this new movie “Fireproof” is by the same people who did “Facing the Giants”.  It’s the same okay acting but the messages of the movie are gonna rock your world.  I can feel it already.  Just like “Facing the Giants”. 

Now go back and watch the trailer again.  This time pay careful attention to the lines that Kirk Cameron says about being a hero to everyone around him but that somewhere along the way he stopped being a hero to his wife.  APPLICATION FOR TODAY: If you are a wife, do something today to show your hubby just how big a hero he is to you.  (make a big sign that lists all the things you love about him and hang it in your front window for him and your neighbors to see.  Or give him a back rub when he comes home tonight.  Or fix his favorite meal) You’ll be amazed at change it’ll make in him.  Do it!  Even if you don’t feel he deserves it.  Just trust me on this.  And if you’re a husband, act like a hero to your wife today.  Show your tender macho-ness.  (this could even include getting a tattoo to impress her with)  Put on your Superman cape and take out the trash before she asks you to. Or take the kids for a couple hours (either out or keep them in and let her go out.  Just make sure she uses the time for herself, no errand-running allowed). 

Don’t wait for the other person to act first.  Just suck it up and do it.  You’ll be glad you did.