And she wants to see our ol faithfuls in our closets.  You know, those articles of clothing that you just can’t live without.  So here is mine.  I’ll warn you because it’s not racy.  It’s not daring.  It’s not anything to write home about. And it’s certainly not anything to copy.  It’s just simple and boring.  But right now, it’s what I can’t live without.  I’m barely keeping my head above the “frumpy mother of four” water line let me tell you.  So here goes:


These are my faithful Old Navy Tiny Fit shirts.  When all else fails, I put one of these puppies on.  Not too colorful though…  But they never cheat on me.  They love me no matter if I’ve showered or not. They are always there for me.  Unless of course they are hanging out with the dirty clothes…  and that seems to happen often.  Because I wear these a LOT.


And here are my trusty shoes to go with my faithful shirts.  Reef flip-flops and Old Navy (again) skimmers.  Or whatever they are called.  As a side note, they wash well. 


Here are my favorite pair of shoes.  I bought them last fall to go with a really cute Anne Taylor dress that I borrowed from a friend to wear to my nephews wedding.  (didja follow that? Phew! That was a complicated explanation!)  Unfortunately, I had to give the dress back (sheesh!) so now these shoes sit beautifully in my closet, longing for an outfit to go with.  I think these shoes signify the style I’d love to wear but don’t.  You know, that “slightly-40’s-but-updated-so-that-I-don’t-look-like-I’ve-raided-my-grandmother’s-teen-aged-closet” style?  Anyway, I’m hoping some of you gals have some tips for me as to what I can add to my closet that would either a) go with these shoes or b) be in the same style category as these shoes.  

I would have posted pictures of my favorite pair of jeans but um, well, I’m wearing them. And sorry, but I’ve already opened myself up to enough ridicule for one day.  I don’t think I need to add to it by putting a picture of me IN my jeans for you all to see. Even though I know you’d all be gentle with me, right?! 

So there you have it.  *Gulp* 

No go check out Big Mama’s site to see her closet treasures and the links to everyone else who was brave enough to join in this adventure in fashion do’s and don’ts. The latter obviously applying to me. =0)