I’m totally have a HUMONGOUS allergy attack today and I can’t think straight enough (let alone see the screen in order to re-read what I wrote) to finish up my post that I already started for today.  I think I’ve tried just about every allergy med in the cabinet already and it’s only 9am!  I kid, I’ve only tried 3 of them.  Just kidding!  Really I’m just waiting for the ONE that I took to actually kick in.  It’s debatable whether or not it ever will but I’m going to pray that it does.  ‘Cuz I have some serious shopping to do ladies.  You all lit a fire under my fanny to get to work on my *yawn*  boring *sllooowww heavy blink** closet after the Fashion Fiesta yesterday.  I can’t even stand the thought of going to Church tonight in my usual ensemble!  Oh the HORROR!  Must. go. find. something.

So while I rest my little matted-haired head on the couch in hopes of allergy relief, I’m leaving you to check out Nick Vuijic.  Nick has come to our Church yearly for the past few years.  He is an incredibleinspiration and will leave you with much appreciation for God’s ultimate timing and Plan for not only his life but your’s as well. 

I caught the 20/20 blurb on him when it aired a week or two ago.  Totally random as I was channel surfing at the time. When I saw him, I flew off the couch, Cheetos apple slices flying, stubbing my toe on the coffee table, scrambling to get the VCR (because we’re hip and up to date electronically like that) on and hit “record” before they came back from commercial break.  I managed it gals.  That’s how badly I wanted Hubby to get to see him in his big time TV show spot.   That’s Hubby-devotion at it’s best, let me tell you.  Especially since I had to spend the next commercial break hunting under the couch for the Cheetosapple slices that had slid EVERYWHERE in my mad dash.  Anyway, I found the clip on youtube this morning so I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s about 10 minutes long but it’s well worth the watch.   And when you are done, go check out his website, www.lifewithoutlimbs.com and see if he’s going to be speaking near you anytime soon.  Or email him to see if he can come speak at your Church.  You won’t be sorry.  

Excuse me now while I go blow my nose for the 75,982nd time!