I thought I’d share with you a post from Marcy’s blog The Glamorous Life.  Go and listen to Little Marcy’s music.  You’ll find it very amusing.  Or very irritating.  I let the whole thing play and when I looked up from plugging my ears scrubbing the floor, I found this:


Yep, three of my four munchkins had found their way from outside where they were playing to the computer inside to stare at the pictures of Little Marcy and listen with rapt attention.  Lil Blue even started clapping and nodding his head during one of the songs. 

I’m still trying to decide if I like the fact that they were drawn to it like moths to a light or if it disturbs me.  Please tell me that your kids did this to.

If you need to calm your nerves after listening to Little Marcy, go check out the rest of regular Marcy’s site and gaze upon all her cool vintage prints and advertisements.  I drool every time I visit her.  And then I go kiss my washer machine and dryer.  Then I quickly dart over to my dish washer and give it a big kiss (I don’t want her feeling unappreciated and then have her quit on me).  And I give my iron a quick love-pat.   I give my T.V. a wink and my dvd player a nod… oh, I’ll spare you the rest of my display of appreciation to my modern appliances/electronics.  You get the idea.