So, I don’t know about your kids but mine often have to be locked outsidelovingly encouraged in order to get some fresh air and play in the backyard.  I don’t know why it is but it’s just a fact around here.  So I’ve devised a plan that is so simple, I’m not sure I’m even allowed to use the term “devised”.  Heck, even “plan” may be to strong of a word too!  But I want ya’ll to think I’m super smart and so I’ll leave those words right where they are. 

Gum is a treasured item here.  It’s just as valuable as the quarters they receive for performing certain jobs around the house/yard.  One of the reasons that gum is so treasured is that it is not allowed to be chewed in the house.  See, I have this quirky aversion to scraping gum off the floor or the couch or the bathroom rug or the ceiling (it hasn’t happened yet but I wouldn’t put it past them, I have talented kids you know.).  So the only way they get to have gum is they go outside and play.  And when they come inside they have to spit it in the trash.  This idea alone has suddenly taken the chore of getting them outside into them coming to me and asking to “go outside with gum”. And not only that, they stay outside!  Ingenious, isn’t it?! 

I’ll give you a few minutes to recover from your shock at my craftiness.  And then you need to go check out other ideas at Rocks In My Dryer.