So, this post will probably really bore you.  I know, like none of my others have, lol!  But tonight at Church, the kids and I went early to have dinner there, like we always do.  At the table across from us was another gal with three boys eating also.  She was SOOO familiar to me.  She’s deaf and I sat trying not to stare because I didn’t want her thinking I was staring at her signing.  I really was just staring because I was trying to figure out for the life of me, where I knew her from.  Did I know her from college? No, I only had one deaf friend from there.  Did I know her from my signing classes a few years back?  No, that wasn’t it.  It took me about 20 minutes of what I like to think was stealthy stares (but I’m sure were more like blatant ones!) and then all of a sudden it hit me.  We both worked together at a restaurant back in high school!  Then all of a sudden more pieces started to fall into place.  Then I just wanted to stare because I was dumbfounded that she looked exactly the same!  And how on earth did we both end up at the same Church when I didn’t even know she was a Christian back in HS years and we both lived 400 miles north of the city we are in now.  How the heck?!!  And of course, I was struggling with what I should do with the information.  What if I was wrong?  I don’t usually remember anything.  So that fact alonefloored me.  And of course my signing is SOOOO rusty.  It’s embarrassing to even attempt it at this point.  What if I made a fool of myself?  So as I sat there in complete bashfulness, she looked up and asked (via sign) if all four kids were mine (I get that question a lot.) I signed yes and then I took a huge breath and took the plunge, I asked if she worked at Fresh Choice a long time ago.  She was totally amazed and said yes!

To not bore you anymore, my long-suffering readers, suffice to say she had been trying to place me too and did in fact remember me once I asked her about the restaurant.  We ran across the room to hug (as our children all stared and wondered what in the heck had gotten into their moms) and then started catching up.  Slowly though it was due to my rusty signing.  I am now on Cloud 9 because not only have I found a “lost” friend (that I remembered lets not forget!) but she goes to my Church and is my sister in Christ!  I’m so thankful because I know it was a total God thing.  Ya’ll know what I mean.  There were way too many variables in there to have worked themselves out on their own.  It’s been 15 years people.  We aren’t talking like a couple years here.  I don’t believe in coincidences. Nope. God knew we needed each other.  I’m not sure why but as excited as I feel about seeing her again, I know it’s gotta be real good.

Just had to share. =0)