I just posted my very favorite pancake recipe on my Cooking page.  Go take a look.  Chances are, you already have everything you need (unless it’s one of those days where you’ve put grocery shopping off for too long and now all that you have left is the baking soda in the fridge and a lonely jar of pickles.  Not that I’m speaking from experience mind you. Not at all) so go ahead and try them out tomorrow for breakfast.  Here’s my plan for your morning, ready?

~get dragged out of bed, much earlier than you’d like, by your starving munchkins.

~ start a pot of coffee for you and your hubs.  This is always a good thing to do first since your eyeballs are probably still crusted over from sleep and if you are like me, no eyesight is necessary for starting coffee.

~Turn on Saturday morning cartoons for the munchkins. It’ll distract them from their gnawing, unending hunger pains.

~Grab a wipee to dig crust outta your eyes. (or, if it doesn’t take 10 minutes of running the tap water before it turns hot at your house, go ahead and use a washcloth and hot water, like a civilized woman.  I, on the other hand, will grab a wipee because I can’t afford the guilt trip I get when I have to waste 10 gallons of water simply because it’s too cold for my ol noggin)

~ Fix Good Old Fashioned Pancakes it’s easy and surprisingly quick I might add.  And they’ll taste like you picked up IHOP take-out. (is there even such a thing?!)

~ Arrange pancakes on plates for munchkins to consume while watching their brain-healthy cartoons.

~ Fix yourself a big ol stack of pancakes.  Slather each layer with butter and the syrup of your choice (or the only one currently in your pantry).  Pour a nice, hot, steamin cup o Java and head to the computer with your plate and mug.  Dig in, careful not to get any syrup on your keyboard, and catch up on all your blog reading… Keep a wipee (or a wet washcloth for you civilized folks, sheesh!) handy so you can clean the syrup off your fingers before leaving comments on the blogs you visit.  You know we all appreciate it. =0)

Alright, hop to everyone.