So, I’ve added a couple more buttons to my blog.  You know, I’m new at this so it takes me awhile to start “decorating” like I’d like to.

Go check them out.  The Spring Garden Tour is a marvelous idea and personally, I have 32 a couple areas of my yard that need some help.  A LOT of help frankly.  So I’m looking forward to that event.  I’m hoping I have at least one cute area or idea to share by then so I don’t look as needy as I really am in the gardening department. Yikes!

Also, I just stumbled upon The Preacher’s Wife online Bible Study.  I haven’t actually started it per-say…  I’m actually doing two separate Bible Studies already at the moment (how’s that for holiness?!! JUST kidding!  Actually, I could do with about 50 more because I have so many areas to work on but lets not get into that right now… please…. pretty please….).  One of my studies is ending in just a couple weeks so I’m looking to start a new one for the summer.  I’m really hoping Preacher’s Wifewill still have hers going at that point.  Or at least leave it up so us tag-alongs can still do it. 

Anyhoo, I started reading the introduction to the Bible Study and I didn’t just get verklemped.  No folks, I was just a flea’s hair away from the ugly cry.  Yeah.  It’s true.  It is sooo touching.  You HAVE to go read it.  I command you, Go. Now.  And then bookmark her page, add her button to your blog and join her Bible Study.  I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be glad you did.  And I can’t wait to start it myself.  You can keep an eye out for me.  I’ll be there in May.