Okay Folks, it’s time.   Cotton Candy anyone?  Funnel Cake?  I’m getting me a hankering somethin’ fierce simply from reading the word “Carnival”.  But I guess it’s better that there isn’t any, ‘cuz our keyboards would get awful sticky if there was.  And you need your hands free so you’re ready to do a LOT commenting.  ‘Cuz without comments, ya don’t stand a chance of winning a thing.  Nada. Zip. Zilch. 

I decided that the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival was a great opportunity to seek your feedback on an my idea for a little work-at-home-business.  I’m thinking of making and selling Birthday Flags.  And you get a chance to win one this week!  Yahoo! 

What’s a Birthday Flag, you ask?  Well, it’s a tradition in my family.  My parents made them for my sibs and I when we were young.  Now they make them for all the grand kids for their first birthday. 

Every year, you add one thing to the flag that represents something significant that happened or was accomplished during the previous year.  The flag is then displayed on the child’s birthday and a picture taken with them and their flag in order to document the passing of time. It’s so fun to look back and see the significant “happenings” from years gone by and the changes in the kids. 

Here, I’ll even show you mine as a “completed” example, because I don’t get any more additions to my flag.  Simply because I don’t have birthdays anymore.  It’s my way of staying young. 

Did you really think I was going to leave my birth date up there for you all to see??!!! Dream on! =0)  And yes, I had a lot of pets growing up…

Now, I grew up in a home with a few talented artists.  Hence almost everything on my flag is drawn.  My childrens’ flags… not so much.  Because I can’t even draw a stick figure convincingly.  So I find patches or write something in.  But you can use what ever you want to make your yearly additions (I even put a section of my daughter’s “blankie” on her flag for her first year.  Don’t worry though, her blankies were her burp cloths so I still had others! We let the kids write their name on the flag with permanent marker on the year they learn how to write.).  Be free, be creative, use whatever fits.  I’m also looking into having a supply of different items that you can purchase as additions for your flags. 

Here are some of the “makings” details… each flag is made out of white Duck material (like canvas) and it can be hung on a flag pole.  Or, if you’re like me, I hang them inside because it’s either raining outside or hotter than Hades for my children’s birthdays.

Here’s how this give-away is going to work.  Leave a comment saying what your favorite fabric, font style and border color choices are.  I’d also like to know, even if you aren’t the lucky winner of this giveaway, would this be something you would take the idea of and make your own OR would you rather purchase one made to your specifications/choices?  One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday at 9pm pacific time.     

Don’t worry if you’re child is more than a year old.  You can easily play catch up before you display it for the next birthday.  Also, if you don’t have any kids, it’s a great gift idea.  And if you have a special little peanut who you’d like to give it too, that has yet to be named and formally introduced to the outside world, we can put your winning prize on “hold” until you have all the details. =0)

Fabric choices:

Emma Print


Rebecca Print


Megan Print


Hadie Print


Taylor Print


Jackson Print


Levi Print


Owen Print

Font Choices:

Rockwell Extra Bold

 Pen Stitching

 Milk Cocoa


Crazy Harold

Care Bear

Brady Bunch

Wide Latin

Border Color Choices:

Lime Green







Dark Pink

Light Pink


(Please note that the colors shown are approximate.  The actual border color will match much better, I’m a tad fickle about that sort of thing)

After you leave a comment here, go check out The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival for more chances to win some fantastic stuff.  Just don’t try to wrestle any chances of winning away from me!