Golly, I can’t believe that I almost forgot about WFMW in all this bloggy giveaway hysteria!  Yowzers!  I know why they make the Carnival a week long now.  It’ll take me that long just to get through all of them!  Not that I’m complaining mind you…

BUT on to WFMW…

I have a very small master bathroom.  There is next to no storage. 

See that tiny little baby cabinet between the sink and toilet?  That’s all we have for storage.  Now, for some, that may be more than enough but when you Hubby has gobs and gobs of darn hair stuff to store, well, there just isn’t much room left for me to use.

For a couple years now I’ve struggled to figure out what to do with all my make-up, moisturizers, eye creams, etc.  and everything I tried just looked messy.  Until, I came up with this:

It’s great!  It holds all my STUFF very nicely in an area that I can reach without moving from my vital position at the sink and mirror.  And best of all, it’s decorative!  It adds a little *zing* to my bathroom and still holds all my secrets inside.  The latch is even fitted just right, so that should I feel the need to keep some grubby little hands out of it, I can slip a nice, dainty, little impassable padlock through it.  I haven’t had to yet, but the minute Lil Blue walks out with my expensive eye creams smeared in his hair and my lipsticks smashed in his teeth you better believe that padlock’s coming out! 

(side note: Why, for the love of all great cosmetics and face creams, do people whip out a video camera to record their munchkin’s little trip to destruct-O-land with their make-up in tow?  And LAUGH?!  And then send it in to America’s Funniest Videos?!!!!  I think I’d have a panic attack if one of mine did that. Then I’d have to let them run around outside for the neighbors to get a good gander at their self-makeover while I put myself on timeout to cool down. Then I would go confiscate every penny out of their piggy bank to repurchase what they destroyed!  Am I alone on this one?  Maybe it IS just me…)

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