The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival is now closed.  Thank you everyone who commented and gave me such great feedback.  I really appreciate it. 

Stay tuned, the winner will be announced shortly…

Okay I’m back! =0)

And the Winner is…….




Congratulations!  BUT you didn’t leave any way to contact you.  So you have three days to get in touch with me (either through this blog or my email: )  or I will need to pick a new winner.  To those of you counting the comments for the giveaway, I obviously didn’t count my own comments and also those of my family members.  Sorry to Fam, but you already have your own flags. lol – Do you like my system for picking a winner.  I’m sooo high tech)

Again, thanks for all the kind comments and feedback.  I’m hoping to have exciting news on my new business come Monday so be sure to stop in.