When we moved into this house, we came to a very small laundry room.  I searched and searched but couldn’t find a laundry sorter that would fit next to our washer and dryer.  There was only 10 inches left over between the washer and the wall.  Yikes! 

After a long search, I decided to cut up the one I already had brought from the previous house.  It was made out of PVC pipe.  I don’t remember what it cost but it was under $20 and from Target.  That much I remember.  So I took a small-toothed saw that Hubby had on hand for working on the sprinklers and shortened the length of the laundry sorter’s width-wise pipes that fitted into the corner pieces when all put together. 

 And Voila!  I have a laundry sorter! It may be narrow but it does the job.

Please excuse any dust, dirt, fingerprints and overall grime you might see in these pictures… I think my lens was dirty?  Hey, I’m just thankful I just laundry yesterday! Phew! 


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