So, once again, here’s a LOST post.  BUT, unfortunately I didn’t sit down and write this as soon as the show ended last night.  So I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff.  But I’ll still try to remember all the highlights.

The flash forwards of Kate and Jack are obviously the middle stage that we hadn’t seen yet.  We’ve seen the healthy Jack that defended Kate at her trial but wasn’t interested in hanging with her and Aaron.  And we’ve seen the whacked-out on prescription drugs and ALkeyHol Jack who’s fighting to make sense of everything and wants to go back to the island.  Kate promised Sawyer she’d do something for him and did it behind Jack’s back. And the downward spiral begins for Jack.  So I think we found out that Sawyer stayed on the island (which he already has said that he would) but does Kate still have “something” for him or was she truly just keeping a promise to a friend?   

Jack successfully gets his appendectamy. 

CS Lewis-chick speaks Korean.  But that whole exchange between her and Jin I found a bit odd.  Why exactly was Dan such a bargaining tool?  But anyway, we find out that Jin is the one who secures a spot for Sun on the helicopter ride home.  So now I’m really thinking that the grave for him in Korea is just a fake one.  That he really is alive back on the island but they’ve made up a story saying to the public that he died back on the island.  I think…

Creepy talks-to-the-dead guy is showing himself to not be such a bad guy.  The pilot for the helicopter also.  And my theory that Danielle was still alive is now dead… pun intended.  I’m a tad disappointed.  I liked her tough-gal character.

Where the heck did Claire go?!!  And why on earth would she have left Aaron behind?!  Is DaddyO really dead and both she and Jack are seeing his ghost or is he somehow alive again??!!  Is that part of the time warp phenomenon?  Or the magic of the island? Aaahhh!  My aching head! =0)

I know I missed some dialog in there.  So I’m going to rewatch it later.  That whole dialog between Jack and Hurly I only caught snatches of it.  Poor Hurley, he’s really messed up.

Next week it sure looks like everything starts breaking apart… go to Rocks in my Dryer for more takes on last night’s episode.