Sorry ya’ll. I’ve been neglecting you, I know. Can I just say, setting up a website is exhausting?!!!!  I’m trying to limit my computer time to my mommy “off” hours and that doesn’t leave me much time to fit in setting up the website AND posting my blog.  

Plus, we had a busy weekend that I just couldn’t break away from. But I’m back!  I took the kids to an airshow Sunday (we go to Saturday night services for Church because of Hubby’s schedule) with a friend and her two boys.  It was a LOT of fun.  Here are some pics.  The two boys in goofy hats are my friend’s boys…

“That’ll be MIZ Pilot to you!”


Just how many kids can you fit in a tiny wagon?!

Apparently not enough. (No one wanted to be in the double stroller)


We moms are very resourceful when it comes to finding shade! Course, a taller airplane would have been more grownup-friendly…




I have to say, the Thunderbirds and the F-18 (I didn’t get pics of the F-18 ) were absolutely amazing!  The stuff they can get those jets to do… And I’m a bit pleased with my Thunderbird pictures.  Not too bad for one-handed, distracted photography! lol.  I was holding Lil Blue in one arm, the camera in the other and trying to clamp my hands over his ears when the jets would suddenly come screaming over us!  Not easy let me tell you.  Those suckers are LOUD!  Wow!  We had sound barriers being broken left and right (well, more like up above).  Lil Blue actually did really good, no crying from any of my kids which I was shocked at.  But we did have some serious ear drum damage going on.  They covered their ears during the loudest fly overs but next time I need to remember ear plugs.