Oh. My. Goodness.  This was episode was especially good, in my opinion.  My jaw hung open most of the hour, unless of course it was clamped around a fingernail ‘cuz I lost a lot of them while I watched this week.  My thoughts are all a jumble so this post will probably too.  So I apologize in advance for that.

First of all, the whole cabin thing freaks me out.  But I’ll get to that later…

How come Jack is up and around after he just had his innards cut into?!!  That scene was a little on the lame side for me.  But whatever. 

It was very interesting to see how the Doc’s throat ended up being slit.  That’s at least one question answered.  But wait!  What is all this about the Keamy knowing way more than the captain of the ship?  Here I thought the captain was a big ol bad guy when really, he was an innocent party.  I was glad to see him help Sayid off the boat.  Although, I think Desmond was probably wishing he hadn’t chosen to stay behind on the boat after seeing Keamy go nutso and start killing people in order to get the pilot (sorry, can’t remember his name at the moment) to agree to fly them back to the island. 

So he does agree to fly Keamy and his big bad team of hooligans back to the island but on their way over the beach, the pilot drops a back that has one of the phone/tracker thingys inside.   I think he’s hoping that at the survivors will be able to find Keamy and his hoolies before they manage to blow up the island.  I’ve always liked the pilot but now I do even more since he’s shown himself to be a true good guy.  Especially after the whole conversation between him and Michael. 

Speaking of Michael, the Island obviously isn’t finished with him yet since Keamy couldn’t kill him.  Funny how guns around Michael never seem to work…

Okay, so to the biggies:

“The Cabin” was built years ago as a little getaway for one of the Darma guys and his missus.  How romantic – NOT!  That Cabin just freaks me out.  It’s always too dark, it moves around the Island, and you never know when Jacob might go berserk and the whole thing start a shaking and a banging around.  So Locke finally finds it, Hurley and Ben bail on him and let him go in on his own while they wait at a safe distance.  When Locke goes in, Jacob isn’t there but Christian (Jack and Claire’s dad) is.  Huh??!!! Not only that, CLAIRE is too!  Is she dead?  If she isn’t, why in the heck was she so content with leaving Aaron behind and follow scary DaddyO to this remote cabin to wait in the dark for Locke to find them?  And what is her purpose?  More importantly, what in the heck is Christian’s purpose?!!  His character must be way more key than I ever suspected. 

I did like seeing into Locke’s childhood.  How sad.  How very, very sad.  But very revealing as to why Locke is the way he is now.  And his link with the Island goes waaayyyyyy back.  Again, never saw that coming.  And what the heck?! (sorry, I know I’ve been saying that a lot, there were just so many surprises in this episode!)  Richard, guy who never ages, was present at the hospital shortly after Locke’s birth.  And he basically stalks Locke through his life.  Or at least keeps tabs on him, knowing that he’s “special” in regards to the Island.

Ooy!  My aching head!  I have so many questions and I can’t even formulate them all!  So if any of you have any thoughts, please share them!  In the meantime, I’m going to go read other people’s posts (who are way smarter than I am) on this weeks episode.  You can read them too, over at Rocks In My Dryer