Sometimes wordpress drives me crazy.  I had this cool widget the movie “Fireproof” that’s coming out in September.  But alas, WordPress won’t let me post it.  So instead, here’s the website for you to check out all the info and maybe your blog will let you post the widget.    To find the widgets and other cool stuff, click on “take action”.

“Fireproof” is created by the same people that did “Facing the Giants” (FTG) and I think it’s going to pack as powerful a spiritual punch as FTG did.  It’s a must see, IN the Theater!  I know we busy parents have hardly any time for ourselves and most of the movies we see are rentals.  But I think we need to send a message to Hollywood that we WANT more high moral movies like “FTG” and “Fireproof”.   How do we do that?  We go spend our precious money and time to watch these types of movies in the theater.  Get a group of friends to go with you and make an evening out of it.  ‘Cuz if you have to go through the riggamaroo of locating a sitter and convincing her to come watch your kids for peanuts (that’s the currency I pay in anyway), then you might as well make the most of it and hang out with friends you rarely see without a toddler head interrupting your line of vision.  Eat dinner together (go on Taco Tuesday and eat cheap!) and support movies with great moral lessons!

“It’s a good thing.” =0) (Thanks Martha)