Are a strange beast indeed.  Usually there are a mix of two types of people, the kind who want to sit around in the sun all day and do nothing but read the book they’ve been trying to finish for the past 18 months (of course, that is SOO not me… I have oodles of time for reading books. That and eating bon-bons, getting massages and cutting the lawn, one grass blade at a time – with manicure scissors), and there is the kind of people that don’t want to stop moving.  Can. Not. Stop. Must. Go. See. Do. Everything.  In our little family, Hubby and I are in the former group and our three munchkins are in the latter.  Go figure. 

So our vacation trips, like the one we just got back from, are a balancing act of appeasing both groups.  Something for you, two somethings for me, a little something for you, a big something for me…  Now, if I’d thought about it during our trip, I would have taken pictures of both catagories of activities but I didn’t.  But really, how interesting are pictures of people sleeping, reading books in the sunshine, smoking the occasional stogie and drinking lots and lots occasional “special” drinks?  Not very.  So maybe it’s good I only have pictures of actual, moving-arms-and-legs-while-eyes-are-open, activities.  Like these:




Kissing Gracie the Camel at the Deer Farm (I so wish there was a way to make me look a little less retarded. I was trying to not get camel slobber on my lips. I can see the search hits I get from that statement!)


Hubby’s method to feeding the hordes of hungry mouths at the Deer Farm


Monkey and Tiger getting roping lessons at the Cowboy Dinner


Tiger eatin’ cowboy-sized grub

I do have to admit, I’m thankful they are still small enough to have to “bend to our will” *insert Darth Vader voice*.  Just kidding, sort of.  We can still enforce naptimes and early bedtimes.  But the trade off is that they wake up so dad-gum early.  No lazy mornings at our campsite*, no siree!  

Another issue that arises with this whole idea of camping/vacationing with mini-muffins is, especially for moms, it often creates more work or at the very least, the same amount of work as if we’d just stayed at home.  Early on, I would get my panties all in a wad over this very prediciment, much to Hubby’s delight.  I think it endeared me even more to him and made him want to take me camping* more often.  Then the light bulb flickered, went out, flickered again, went out again before finally staying on with the realization, “Wait a second here!  There HAS to be ways for me to lighten the load and feel like I’m on vacation too!”  (I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed Folks!) Now each trip out, I try to discover more ways to create a vacation atmosphere for us big kids responsible adults too. 

And those ideas ARE…. Oops! Wait! I need a Works For Me Wednesday post so you’ll have to come back tomorrow (or really, really late tonight for those of you who just can’t wait) to find out my totally amazing, original, never-before-heard-of, ideas for lighting the parental responsibilities during vacations/camping*.  So I’ll see ya back here in then.


* I feel the need to define our “camping”… here it is:

 Not the desert part, or the multiple rv part, or the quad and motorcycle part (although we obviously do that kind of “camping” also) but the camping trailer part.  We don’t tent camp right now.  There will be tent camping in the future but for now, it’s all about a close bathroom and nightlights!