I just came across this story.  How selfless is that?  How much time does that take exactly?! I think that’s a baby on a ta-ta 24/7.  And how much do you have to actually eat to make that much milk?  Makes my girls ache just thinking about it.  That wonderful woman deserves a lot but at the very least lots of healthy, protein-rich meals and a big ol box of Lanolin.  You know she could have chosen to horde her breast milk for her own hungry little one.  I’m sure her milk quality is affected and her little one is not getting quite the nutrition he/she should be.  Let’s face it, there’s not much food or safe drinking water over there right now.  So I’m sure she’s struggling to eat enough calories for her body to keep up with the eight hungry mouths.  But she chose to share.  She chose take on long, long hours and sleepless nights.  She chose to drop everything else (other than her own baby) to sit and give life-sustaining nourishment.

Not only that but she’s building emotional bonds with 5 babies who have lost their mothers, their link to the world around them.  Think of the bond you had with your own baby(ies), if you’ve had them.  These babies, and hundreds more, have lost the person they shared that intimate bond with.  Breaks my heart to think of that.   

It does start me thinking though… in a situation like that, I’d like to think that I would do the same.  But I worry that this precious lady is not the norm.  Otherwise the article would be on the mass “milk-nurse” movement over there.  But the article is only on one.  There has to more women doing it though, right?  Maybe she’s the only one doing it for such a large group of needy babies. 

How ever you slice it, this is a special gal folks.  And she should make us stop and think about what we’d be willing to sacrifice for others in a crisis.