Hubby was out last night so I grabbed the chance to watch P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.  It’s been sitting on top of the DVD player for a while now, calling my name, enticing me to put down my dust cloth, hang up my apron and fall in love Gerard Butler all over again. 

But I know me and I knew what type of movie this was and KNEW that the only way I could watch this movie without being ridiculed either for the lovey-dovey or the tears streaming down my face, I would have to watch it alone.  As in, no other adults anywhere on the premises and all children fast asleep.  And last night, my chance finally came.

I popped a bag of home-style popcorn, grabbed water and a huge box of tissues.  Again, because I know me.  It was everything I expected… in a good way.  But be forewarned, if you are looking for a comedy, you’ve come to the wrong place.  It is heart wrenching and sweet.  I alternated between laughing (out loud mind you, because I was alone) and bawling my eyes out.  And while I knew I’d re-fall for Gerard (my knees still get weak at the thought of him in his Spartan getup!), I had no idea I’d fall so hard for Hilary’s outfits too. Man oh man was her wardrobe right out of my dreams.  I even went online afterwards to try to find some of her props.  But alas, her outfits were going for about $900 each.  Just a tad out of my league.  But I still drooled all over my keyboard while I stared at each outfit in detail.  If anyone has any ideas of how/where I can copy her character’s style, PLEASE tell me. 

I enjoyed Hilary’s performance.  Thought she did a great job.  And of course, Gerard was beautiful, lovable and Irish… need I say more?!  But I have to say, it has put some pressure on Hubby that’s for sure.  See, I’ve realized that after watching this movie, I cannot handle Hubby kicking the bucket without first leaving me letters and gifts and instructions on how to carry on with life without him.  I mean, there’s just now way I’ll accept anything less.  And I’m not sure I could move on without them.  Which means I must now pass this information along to a very trusted friend who Hubby will listen too.  Because it can’t come from me… that would ruin the surprise of it all.  =0) And I know he’d be sooo eager, he’d be all over it.  He loves to be ahead of the game and procrastination just isn’t in his vocabulary.  I mean, he’d like nothing more than to spend hours oranizing a vacation for me and my girlfriends, planning for my first birthday after he’s gone,  writing love notes for me and messages to our friends.  It’s not like he has anything else to do with his time.  Nah.  The 3 foot long “HoneyDoList” can wait.  It’s not going anywhere. 


Earlier this week Hubby and I got the chance to get a sitter for the kids and run out to see Iron Man.  Now, I’m not a fan of Robert Downey, Jr. as a person.  By any means.  But I have to admit, he did a great job with this character.  Maybe because the character was so similar to his natural self… The movie was well written; funny and witty – just my cup of tea.  I L.O.V.E.D. Jeff Bridges as a bad guy (oops! Did I spoil it for you?! Nah, don’t worry, that part is pretty obvious).  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him play one before. And he sported his shaved head very nicely.  

However, after raving about Hilary’s wardrobe above, I have to comment on Gwyneth’s.  I found almost all of her outfits to be awkward looking.  Like, a size too small.  I know that is the style for a lot of clothes but somehow they just didn’t work for her.  They distracted me… in a bad way.  Sorry Gwyneth.

The movie doesn’t have any big surprises or catches.  It’s fairly predictable but then, I think the comic book superhero movies always are.  After all, it’s not our first introduction to the characters.  But Hubby and I still found it highly entertaining and worth the price of the babysitter.