That’s how long we’re gonna have to wait after the season finale this Thursday night before the new season begins.  I believe we are the most taken-advantage-of-audience-group in the history of tv.  Well, as far as I know… which honestly isn’t much.  But it’s how I feel, darn it!  8 LONG MONTHS is going to ddddrrrrraaaagggggg on forever. 

So what will I be doing at 11pm this Thursday night?  Crying.  And wringing my hands.  Probably a ton bit of whining.  Scouring the web for hints on next season.  More crying.  Pacing an eight inch deep rut in my livingroom floor as I contemplate the mysteries of the LOST Island.  Did I mention I might be a bit teary-eyed?  I’ll probably break out the cookie dough ice cream to console myself.  And when that’s gone and the container licked dry, I’ll continue to cry and wail into the wee hours of the morning.   

That’s why, by the time the new season begins, I will pat myself on the back, jump for joy and consider myself a survivor.  Because it’s not easy being a fan of LOST.  Long, quiet months with no new information or episodes to watch.  By January we’ll be gaunt with lack of new information, staggering under the pressure of so many online theories that we’ve swamped our brains with over the previous 8 months, drooling in anticipation of the new episodes and begging for new clues to the mysteries.  Let’s just hope we all remember to bathe.

Let’s not take survivorship THAT far folks!