Honestly?  I think I’m going to have to watch it again.  I was too tired to write last night and now I’m worried I’ve forgotten important details.

Some things we’d already figured out… like the fact that Kate was talking about Aaron and not Sawyer (that was my original thought) when Jack called her to the airport in his drugged up state to tell her they had to go back.  Wow.  That was one powerful slap! 

Biggest gut-wrencher?  Sun’s reaction to lifting off before Jin reached them.  And of course when the ship blew up.  Great, great scene.  Intestine-twisting but great.  And I can’t rule Jin out.  Sorry.  I know we’re supposed to think everyone is history that was on board but I think he’ll reappear next season.  And not just in a past-tense scene. 

Michael I think is out since good ol DaddyO said he could leave now.  That was cool.  I guess when the Island releases you, *poof* you’re history.  Poor Michael… all those mean, ugly thoughts I had about him… he turned out okay after all. 

Did anyone else think it strange that no one on the helicopter was worried about the first boat load of island survivors that were on the ship already?  Were they all huddled down below and therefore didn’t hear Desmond’s screams about not landing the helicopter because there was a bomb?  ‘Cuz if they had heard him, you better believe they’d be pounding on that helicopter, clambering to get on board and escape being blown to smithereens.  Just saying.

Penny and Desmond… awwwww. =0) Sweet reunion at last.  But I think Penny’s going to die.  Sorry to destroy the sweet reunion.  Ben is too mad about his daughter dying and I think he’s a little hell-bent on revenge… right along with Sayid.

Sawyer endears himself to us again. He really is destroying his bad boy image.  He throws himself off the helicopter in order for it to reach the ship.  But he whispers something to Kate first.  I’m guessing that’s the point where he asks her to take care of his baby girl that he’ll never meet…  He probably said something like this,”Freckles, I’m going to save your sassy little butt right now.  And I’m going to solve your love triangle problem by eliminating myself from the equation.  But you have to promise you’ll check on my little rug rat now and then”  That’s how I imagine it anyway.  And that good-bye forever kiss?  Made my knees buckle.  In fact, they still get a little shakey when I even think about it.  Kate? She should have swooned while having her face sucked like that.

Sayid kicks more butt.  And kills off more bad guys.  Gosh darn it, he’s my hero.

Reamy is one tough sucker.  I was wondering why his bullet-proof vest didn’t seem to work when he was being shot up from behind.  But they were just tricking us.  He was just waiting to surprise us later.  And we found out what that thing strapped to his nice, bulging bicep was.  The remote activator for the bomb on board the ship. 

New revelations:

Charlotte was a previous Island-inhabitor?  What?!  Didn’t see that one coming… but explains her search for it.  Apparently, her mom was preggo before she got on the Island otherwise Charlotte wouldn’t have survived.  And

We found out that Sayid busts Hurley out of the mental hospital.  And Ben wants Jack to get the six back to the island.  No easy task but he already has three of them in his grip (Jack, Sayid and Hurley).  But Kate won’t go. She’s having “dreams” of Claire telling her NOT to take Aaron back.  So I’m thinking she’s going to be a tough sell on the reasons to return…

And Sun?  Well, she’s a woman on a mission.  What exactly the mission is remains to be revealed.  I don’t believe for one minute she plans on helping Mr. Widmore.  Nope, that woman scorned is going to shred him to pieces.  Mr. Widmore and anyone else she determines played a role in her beloved Jin’s (supposed) death.  That’s going to be some good watching people! =0) 

We find out who is in the casket finally.  Another thing I never saw coming.  I’d thought they’d introduced a new character when they started talking about this Jeremy Bentham who was visiting everyone and telling them they’d all made mistakes by leaving.  But Jeremy is Locke? Huh?!  And he’s not only off the Island but he’s DEAD?!!  Again, HUH?!! And how come Walt doesn’t recognize him?  He would have known Locke if he saw him.  Unless he was playing along with the lies that he didn’t understand the meaning behind (before his meeting with Hurley).  As a side note, how sad that none of the survivors visited him… poor lonely, confused, father-less, dog-less Walt.

We find out how Ben is hurt prior to his teleporting…  And he continues to confirm that he’s evil to his very core.

And finally, I must address Aaron and the helicopter crash and the hours in the sun.  As the helicopter was going down my only thought was, AARON!!!  How did he manage to not get knocked out of Kate’s arms and drowned in the ocean?!  And at the very least, how was he not hurt at all?! (I know, I know, Kate says it was a miracle.  But my momma-brain can’t comprehend it)  And, after hours in the sun for the convincing sunburn for all the adults, how does Kate manage to keep Aaron covered up so well that he’s still so nice and pasty white?  Again, just saying…

Now the countdown begins… and so does the ho-hum summer of TV.  And Fall… because, like I said before, we’re the most taken advantage of group of TV fans.  Why do we let them do this to us?!!

*sigh * I’m off to read more takes on this episode from Rocks In My Dryer.  You should probably too.  It’s one of the few things we can do to keep our LOST love alive…