Summer Vacation is here folks!  Hip, hip, hooray!  As a homeschooling mom, I think I’m looking forward to this as much as the kids are.  Although we are still doing a small amount of school work to keep the brains from slipping into total slow-as-slugsLand, the pressure is off and therefore, I feel like twirling around on a mountain top and singing, “The Hills Are Alive”. 

But I’ve been thinking about this Summer and what things I’d like to accomplish.  There is the usual: relax, relax, relax.  Or, as much as possible with a soon to be 7 year old, almost 5 year old, 3 year old and 20 month old.  Okay so maybe relaxing is a dream of mine.  Shush, don’t wake me, please

There will be two birthday parties to plan and execute.  There will be weeds to pull and veggies to harvest (yum!).  There will be lots of water play and sidewalk chalk.  There will be weekly trips to free or $1 movies in delightfully air-conditioned movie theaters (check here and here for some participating theaters near you).  And who can miss the Summer fairs?  Not the Runningamuck household.  Or a week of Vacation Bible School? (I just want to point out that three of my four are able to go this year and this will be my first year not to volunteer.  Yep, that means five mornings of one and one time with Lil Blue.  I have no idea what we’ll do but I’m sure hoping they include shopping and yummy morning treats, aka Cinnabon and Starbucks) 

There will be lots of BBQ-ing (hopefully none of this kind).  And cannonballs in friends’ swimming pools.  Library trips are always a must, especially when you have a young reader and an even younger beginning reader under your roof.  I also hope to redecorate both munchkin bedrooms but I’ll be content to at least do Poppett’s.  It’ll be her birthday gift from Hubby and I.  There’s more I’m sure but I think I’ll sum up most of Summer with a picture of my very next purchase.  Mark my words, this will be bought before even the toilet paper we’re in desperate need of.  Because, well, there’s always Kleenex and ivy leaves but how on earth will we make a family tradition of ice cream making without one of these babies?

Just to be clear, the attachement, I already have the mixer.

The Summer will also include some major work at munchkin milestones.  Here’s a list of milestones we’ll be working on:

~ Poppett to learn to ride her two-wheeled bike

~ As many munchkins as possible to learn how to swim (primarily focusing on Poppett and Monkey)

~ Tiger to finish learning his colors and continue learning to write his letters

~ Monkey to continue (and hopefully) finish learning to read and fine-tuning his two-wheeled bike riding abilities (learning how to turn is always a Good Thing)

~ Wean Lil Blue off the pacifier

~ Potty Train Lil Blue

As I write this list, I’m struck with how quickly time passes.  I know, I know, it’s kinda a no-brainer or at least should be.  But cut me some emotional slack here, Lil Blue is the final Runningamuck munchkin.  Last weekend we moved him into a big boy bed and dismantled the crib for the last time.  He’d decided he wanted to nap on the trundle that was pulled out (Poppett has “sleep overs” in her brothers’ room on the weekends and so the it was out from her sleeping on it).  As I stood at the edge of the cliff called Boundary-free-sleeping-for-a-20-month-old, I took the plunge.  I didn’t stop to think, I just jumped.  I knew if I thought through what the process would involve, I’d talk myself out of it and put it off another month or 20.  He’s done pretty well I have to admit.  And he’s so darn cute when he comes running out in the morning, big grin on his face at the accomplishment of getting to sleep like his big brothers. 

So this will be it for diapers, cribs and pacifiers.  And while one side of me jumps for joy at the thought of not having to drag my baby items ball and chain anymore, the sentimental side mourns the passing of time.  Every night I kiss my growing boy goodnight he wakes up a little bit less dependent on me, as do all my children.  And while that is a sign that Hubby and I are doing our jobs correctly, it doesn’t make it much easier to say goodnight…