Over the weekend I watched two new movies: “No Country for Old Men” and “The Assassination of Jesse James”.  Here’s my Movie Madness contribution and valiant attempt to write reviews without including any spoilers…


“No Country for Old Men” on one hand was what I expected… a dark, twisted tale with lots of killing.  But there were moments of humor that momentarily lightened the mood although only for a second.  And there is a twist to the end that I will not divulge but suffice to say, it’ll make or break the movie for you.  For Hubby?  It made it.  For me?  It broke it. 

    But I will offer a glimmer of hope….

( And hope’s name is Josh Brolin ala rugged)


“The Assassination of Jesse James” was full of a rugged Brad Pitt and for that reason alone, it’s worth watching.  His role is reminiscent of his “Legends of the Fall” character… we get to see a lot of similar, but still oh so moving, haunted-man expressions.  I was surprised to find that Jesse James is not the main character but rather Bob Ford, played by Casey Affleck.  Both actors do a great job.  But unfortunately, it is a rather slow-moving movie.  Interesting and well acted, but slow.  I did like the fact that while society has/had glorified Jesse James and the life he led, the movie reveals how such life does not sit well with the human psyche.  It irritates the fire outta me to watch movies that glorify crime and show nothing of the real-life effects it has on the person and the people around them.

While I enjoyed this movie I am glad I didn’t pay to watch it in the theaters.  Definitely a rental movie to be enjoyed at home.

The underlying message of these reviews is:

I’ll take him:                                      over him:



And him:                                         over him: