I have to give the credit for this week’s Works For Me Wednesday to Hubby.  This was all his idea.  Can’t claim one iota of it as my own.

A couple weeks ago we moved Lil Blue out of his crib and into a big bed.  Nothing unusual there (other than the fact that this was the last time for us to have to make this transition, sniff, sniff), we have moved all four of our munchkins right around 20 months of age.  I know some parents prefer to wait longer but we’ve learned with our kids that at this age, they don’t realize that they could easily get to all the toys in the closet and have a grand ol time behind the closed door.  Nope.  Now, they DO play with any toys left out so we clean up really well before any nap or bedtime.

What was different this time around was that we were trying to fit a third twin bed into a pretty small room (8’x10′ approx).  I’d looked into toddler beds but the cheapest I could find was still $60 and this was our last munchkin, that bed would get used for a few months and then be promptly tossed on to the garage sale pile.  Plus, I’m cheap.  We already had a twin trundle under the bottom bunk so I figured we’d just pull it out and leave it on the floor for Lil Blue to sleep.  But the problem with that was Tiger would have to step over Lil Blue every time he wanted in or out of his bed.  

In stepped Hubby with his brilliant plan… Turn the trundle bed so that half of the bed was under one end of the bottom bunk with the second half sticking out, perpendicular to the bunk bed.  Slap a bed rail up on the open side and Voila, Toddler bed! 

It’s just the right size for him.  He didn’t need the whole length of the twin by any means.  Plus, it leaves a lot more of the room open for playing and wrestling.  AND Tiger can get in and out of bed without falling all over Lil Blue.

And I realized, yet again, why I will never let Hubby escape my clutches.

Need tips on keeping toddlers in bed?  Well, the Runningamuck way is to sit outside the bedroom door (for the love of pete, bring a book because some nights you are there for the long haul!) and every. single. time. that once sweet, innocent, little chubby-cheeked baby turned sweet, ornery, little chubby-cheeked bugger sticks his/her head out, you jump up, give a quick swat on the diapered fanny and place back in bed.  Usually this only takes a few nights for them to learn.  Lil Blue however, is trying to give us a real run for our money, you know, since he’s the last one and all, so he’s taking a lot longer to cooperate.  Some days he’s great and other days I have to grab my book again and camp outside his door for 30 minutes or so. 

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