…have amazingly great skin and apparently an whole lot of extra time on your hands.  You know, before every waking moment began revolving around all the little people who have blessed your home.  I love this season I’m in right now.  But it does cause me to wonder what on earth I did with all that “free” time on my hands.  And then I start to remember…

Think back to your early 20’s.  I personally like to pretend that I’m still in them.  Actually, I really don’t have pretend.  I catch myself thinking of myself as right out of college ALL the time!  That probably explains why the college kids seem so dang young these days… babies I tell you!  BABIES!!

Anyway, I was reminicing the other day and I remembered that a certain group of young, married girls, with nothing else better to do, got together for a “Wanna Baby Shower”.  Yep, that’s right.  Invitations, party games and all.  I wouldn’t dream of embarrassing the other gals that participated in this party by naming them but she was there, she was there, oh and so was she… hmmm, can’t seem to locate the rest of them but there are a few more… they’re just hiding.

Did I mention we all came with fake preggo bellies?  Umm, yes, we they did.  Of course we had great food to.  We were silly.  To the max.  And yes, the reason behind this ridiculous party was that we were all eager to start popping out some young’uns, like yesterday. We couldn’t wait for all the fun we would have as moms.  So we decided to throw ourselves our own in anticipation shower since we knew it’d be a while still before the real thing.  Well, one of the group showed up WITH a baby (doll) instead of a belly because she’d just found out that week that she WAS preggo.  We all cursed congratulated her. 

Oh! And we all brought a baby gift and drew names for the exchange. 

Seriously, does it get any better than this?

Oh yes my friend… it does…

I just spent the better part of an hour digging through a box of photos from college and Hubby’s and my first few years of marriage.  But I FINALLY found these babies…


You can’t see them but K, the beautiful gal in the overalls and black top, came barefoot.  Get it?! Huh? huh?

P and T giving their aching preggo feet a break.  T has a preggo belly courtesy of an old military helmet we had on hand.  If only our abs could be that hard now.  Or even then for that matter.

Here’s a baby game… guessing the kind of baby food in the jars. I could be wrong but JP looks like she likes it. And that’s J in the background.  J is the one who dared show up really preggo.

And then baby game #2, was who could diaper a baby the quickest.  I don’t know if this will disturb you like it does me but we weren’t diapering a baby.  It was a baby pig doll.  That had clothes.  And a “head” bow.  Disturbing I tell you. 

And there you have it.  A disturbing look down memory lane.  ***sigh***  Great wasn’t it?  I ask you, did we know how to have a good time or what?!

Pardon me but I must dash now.  Gotta duck before I get hit from the flying cyber-blows that I know will be coming my way as soon as some of the attendees catch wind of this post.

Just remember gals… I DIDN’T name you! *snicker*