I keep running across people (Christians mind you) saying that we “over-spiritualize” everything.  That just because we didn’t hit all red lights on our way to the store doesn’t mean God lined ’em up for you.  Or something to that effect.  Of course, now that I’m to the point of blogging about this, I can’t remember where any of the darn posts are!  But you’ll have to trust me… or maybe you’ve run across them too.

As I’ve written about before, I’m not a deep thinker.  And I can often be easily convinced of things.  Which is why it is super important for me (and everyone really!) to double check ideas and interpretations up against scripture.  This was one such “almost convincing” topic.  I started to see the supposed ridiculous-ness of such thoughts, at least from a human stand point.  And I knew that I often thanked God – even out loud – for great parking spots and people going out of their way to assist this often bedraggled mother of four young munchkins.  So of course I started to feel silly.  I started to feel lame.  I started to feel real embarrassed that I’d fallen into the “spiritualizes everything” category.

But in my quiet time Bible studies, I’ve been learning something to the contrary. 

I get up every morning, at 5:30, to have an hour and half of quiet time.  I don’t say this to boast about myself but rather my Lord.  Because let me tell you, if it were up to my power alone, I’d be snoozing all the way up to the point the starving children in my home drug me out of my slumber to fix their first meal of the day… at lunchtime!!  But I pray for God to help me get up and He does.  In my quiet time with Him, He’s revealing His total and complete Love for me.  I’m not worthy.  I never will be.  Yet He yearns for me to spend time with Him.  Uninterrupted, totally-focused-on-Him time.  And when I offer it to Him, He rewards me with a deeper desire to spend even more time with Him.  I started with only a half hour of quiet time.  That was all I could get up for.  But I keep finding that I need more time with Him. So I keep asking Him to help me get up earlier and earlier.  It’s amazing that it isn’t until we start to get “fed” that we realize how starved we actually are!  I never, in a million years, would have believed God would bother this much with me. 

One of the things God is showing me, is that He IS in everything.  He wants to spend time with me badly enough to not only use my alarm to try to get me up but after I hit the snooze, He also gets a child up (who then goes right back to asleep in their bed after getting me out of mine).  And even after that, when I’m tempted to crawl back between the sheets, He causes the dog to start barking for no reason, knowing I’ll have to go hush her and get her settled.  I’m totally not kidding.  He’s done all three some mornings.   

Do I believe He has control over everything?  Yes sirree, without a doubt.

Do I believe He loves me unconditionally?  At times it’s difficult to wrap my brain around that kind of love but I do believe it even if I don’t understand it.

Do I believe He knows so much about me, He even knows the number of hairs on my head?  Yep, yep!

Do I believe He has my best interest at heart?  And that no matter the avenue: conflict, need, or “wilderness” of any kind, that I have to experience, if it causes me to learn how to praise and give Him the glory, will He allow it?  Absolutely!

Knowing these points to be Truth, that He cares and knows that much, how can I not see His handiwork in all areas of my life?  Trivial they may be and unworthy I am, that’s for sure but I firmly believe He can choose to bless me with a great parking spot, in the shade and close to the store.  Because He wants to give me every opportunity to give Him praise.  The trouble is, I don’t recognize those moments enough.  For every one opportunity I see to give praise Him, I probably miss ten others.

I believe we don’t spiritualize our lives enough.  I believe that we, as Christians in our current society (where lines are almost invisible from all the blurring we’ve done), need to pray for God to reveal everything to us as He sees it.

I have a sneaky feeling that His view is pretty spiritual…

Phew! I feel better.  ***stepping off soapbox***