My SIL Becca and I went to the beach last week.  Our intent was not only to give the kids a grand ol time but to also get some fabulous pictures for Father’s Day.  Well, of course, “The best laid plans…”  My best laid plans?  Well, they all hit the fan.  Not Becca’s, just mine.  She got some fabulous shots.  But she only had one to tame in her pictures.  Not to bash her photography skills, she’s great with a camera… I’m just saying… I have four.  All going different directions.  All wanting to look at something different.  And then I had one who HATED his first beach encounter. 

Lil Blue hated the water with as much passion as a twenty month old could muster.  Which was an incredible amount amazingly.  I couldn’t even head in the direction of the waves without him completely panicking and trying to strip skin from my bones. 

***sigh***Maybe next time.  When he’s a little older and more rational.  Shhh! Don’t tell me that may never be!!  I’m the most rational person on the face of the planet and by golly, my kid better be too!! 

In the meantime, here is what I was able to get…

What a great shot! *pats self on back*  Wait a second, something’s wrong here… let me think.  Hey! Don’t I have FOUR children, not three?  My abs are sure screaming that there was a fourth…


Yup, there he is…


Lil Blue during a calmer moment.  There weren’t many of them, trust me.


Tiger.  He was the extreme opposite of Lil Blue.  I had to keep dragging him to a safer wave depth.  He forgot he can’t swim.  He loved the feel of the waves sucking at his body on their way back to the ocean. And mummy can only imagine how hard it is to catch up to a current driven 3 year old.  No actually, mummy didn’t and still doesn’t want to even imagine it.  Thanks. 



Awww! Lookie at the sweet brothers!  Standing together, they can face whatever comes their way in life… I can rest easy as they’ll have each other’s backs… wait, what’s that?  What are they looking at??


Grreeaaatttt!! That’s just fabulous.  Boy do they have each other’s backs.  They’ll probably cover for each other when one sneaks out to go see a girl instead of doing homework or something.   I’ll have you know, we ain’t coming back to the beach until their married.  Or when bikini’s are outlawed and burkas become the new rage…  Sheesh!  BOYS!  I tell ya!