I’ve posted a few times about finally dedicating myself to daily quiet times with God.  It’s been amazing.  Some days definitely better than others but I’ve permanently laid to rest the belief in the Lie that Satan has fed us, that God understands that we are busy moms, that we don’t have time to set aside just for Him.  Come one, we can’t even get in the shower by ourselves never mind study and pray!  Sorry gals, but it’s a bunch of baloney.  And I totally bought into it for several years.  The Truth is, God desires time with me and I can’t get through my day without Him. 

One of the things that has helped me “spice it up” a bit, is my Quiet Time Basket. 

Please pardon the uncuteness of my current basket.  It’s what I had on hand but I’m excited to get a really cute new one in the next couple weeks. 

In it, I have everything I could possibly want during my quiet time.  I have stationary to write quick notes to people on. 

I have blank index cards for notes to write to myself and keep in my pocket during the day as reminders that I want to apply.  Pen and pencil. 

(Don’t poke fun at my great “Cars” pencil now… I know ya’ll are jealous of such a fine writing instrument)

I have my study books. 

And of course my Bible.  I’d keep my coffee in there too but it gets a tad messy. 

The best part about this basket is it’s mobile.  Did you get that?  It’s ready to go anywhere.  Mine waits for me by the lazy boy in the living room.  But now that it’s warmer, some mornings I like to take it outside – with my coffee of course – and enjoy the beauty of the cool, quiet air before the heat of the day strikes.  But the possibilities don’t end there.  It could go to my favorite coffee shop.  It could go away for the weekend with me (no excuses, it’s all right there!  Nothing to gather and collect).  It could go to the beach (this trip didn’t have much study time though).   Or any favorite nook.  It could even be locked in the bathroom with you while the shower water runs and you cry softly for help during a really rough day. 

Try it!  And let me know what marvelous places your basket has traveled with you.  Maybe we should set up a whole Quiet Time Basket picture sharing event… post a picture of your basket in your favorite quiet time places type of thing?  What do you think?

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