I didn’t mention it before but some of you noticed anyway.  About a week and a half ago I won one of the WOW Hits packages over at Rocks In My Dryer.  To say I was excited was putting it mildly.  I never, and I mean NEVER win anything.  Did you count them?  Let me save you the trouble, because it’ll take you a while to do it… 18.  Hear that?  18 christian music cds!  Can I tell you what an answer to prayer this was?  I was bemoaning to God a while back about how behind I was in my christian music and how I really would love some fresh cds.  My b-day is coming up and my thought was, ask for them as gifts.  But I love how God worked it out instead.  His plan was much better.  As always…

Now you’ll have to excuse me.  I have some music to listen to and lyrics to read.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear about some of my favs.  I already listened to the WOW Hits cd and highly recommend it.  I love each and every one of those songs.  No exaggeration.  And what’s cool is they include the background behind each of these popular songs.  If you want more info on the cd, just click on image in my sidebar.

Thank you, thank you Shannon and WOW!