I don’t know if any of you watched tonight’s show The Baby Borrowers.  I did.  And I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions all at the same time. 

Humor:  Is that an emotion? Well, it was there anyway.  There were funny parts.  The girl gagging when her baby spit up.  Almost all the teeny-bopper girls throwing tantrums left and right for various reasons.  Hilarious. 

Aggravation:  Those teeny-bopper girls were so annoying.  So self-absorbed.  Yet so willing to pop babies out.  All the same things that made me laugh, were things that irritated me too. 

Sadness and Fear: Watching all those mamas hand over their precious babies to total, very inexperienced and self-absorbed, strangers… left me with a knot in the pit of my stomach.  I could not even imagine doing it myself.  The parents did get to watch via cameras and there were professional nannies at each home to monitor the safety of the child.  They were not to step in unless the baby was in danger.  Slight comfort.  I had tears welling up every time I watched one of the parents say goodbye to their babies.

Horror: Oh my lands do some kids not know how to care for a baby.  Even with very specific instructions written out for every minute of the day.  One poor little BEAUTIFUL baby girl was being put to bed for the night, totally crying, in the same outfit she came in that morning, hungry and no diaper change.  FINALLY the mom jumped in to lend some advice.  I was amazed that she managed to hold off that long.  Several times, many of the babies were referred to as “it”s.  The mama bear in me just reared her big ol head and gnashed her teeth every time I heard “it”.  That poor helpless baby has a dang name ya’ll.  Maybe they should have put name tags on them to help the teeny-bopper parents remember.

Warm Fuzzies:  Again, not sure if that’s an emotion but nevertheless, I felt them.  Not with the girls.  I was sorely disappointed in the girlies.  But some of those boys?  Well, they got in touch with their inner daddy and it just warmed my heart.  One of them, the surfer dude from CA, after getting a visit from their baby’s real papa, actually listened to the advice he was given via real papa and put it into practice.  It was like you could see the light bulb pop on above his head.  Other guys also stepped up to the plate and it was great to watch. 

Disgust:  Sorry but the girls were sooo emotional, and soooooo whinny, and sooooo witchy.  They couldn’t handle any advice, no matter how gently or tackfully it was given.  I know it’s an age thing… All I can say is I’m soooo in trouble when Poppett hits puberty.  I might just have to ship her off to boarding school.

Just kidding!  I would maybe never do that.

I think next week they get older kids.  At least I hope so.  There’s just something too cruel about handing over infants to these teeny-bopper know-it-alls.  Cruel for the babies that is.  I’ll sure I’ll still watch.  I just can’t handle not making sure that these babies get back to their parents all in one piece.  Well, and there’s the teenage drama.  Who can pass that up?!