He’s my oldest boy.  He has more facial expressions than a zebra has stripes.  He’ll do just about anything for a laugh (just like his daddy).  His love language is touch.  He has no concept of personal space.  He’s a helper.  He’s a hard worker.  He’s ambidextrous.  He’s quick to hug.  He loves bugs and critters.  He loves his friends’ moms just as much as he loves his friends.  He’s a wrestler.  He’s a two-wheeled bike rider.  He’s exuberant and full of energy.  He’s my favorite first son.

He’s 5.


My most favorite thing he said this year?

…carrying around a framed baby picture of himself…”Mom, I just LOVE myself.  I’m SOOO cute!”

Yes, Tiger.  You are.  Way more than you even realize.