It’s Movie Madness time again folks and I’m back with a couple more of my humble reviews.  Well, I do happen to think pretty highly of my taste in movies but then again, don’t we all?

First up is not much of a review.  Sweeney Todd

DO NOT SEE IT!  Unless of course you love seeing people’s throat’s slit over and over and over and over and their bodies being dumped on their heads over and over and over and over.  Totally gross.  I know it was the whole premise of the movie.  And I actually enjoyed the music… little catchy parts of the songs are all permanently stuck in my brain… but the gore and depression of the movie was just a tad too much for me.  But maybe it’s your cup of tea.. 

Just realize,it pains me deeply to say this about anything Johnny Depp does, because I love him dearly.  Ever since 21 Jump Street.  And who can resist his quirky charm in “Benny and Joon?  Or his valiant attempt to hold his family together in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”?  His fatherly role in “Nick of Time”?   Let’s not even discuss his “charms” in “Chocolat”!  And his endearing drunken swagger in the “Pirates” movies.  I can’t stop without mentioning his role in “Finding Neverland”, I think it’s my fav.  Or at least one of my top.  

I’m sorry Johnny.  I usually dig your funky roles but I just couldn’t hang with Mr. Todd. 


But the next movie I watched was much better.  Dan In Real Life

This movie is about Dan (Steve Carell) trying to figure out how to move forward in his life and relationships after the death of his wife.  Sounds depressing I know. But there are great awkward moments of humor in true Steve Carell fashion.  I think he did a fabulous job in portraying his character.  Very convincing.  I also love Dane Cook.  He played Dan’s younger brother.  And while this wasn’t his best acting role, I still loved him none the less.  A few scenarios are a bit far fetched but not sooo far that you can’t reach with it.  It’s all do-able.  And very entertaining.

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