and want to step foot in my kitchen and a life for a week, check out Happy to be at Home.  I don’t think those lovely gals over there realize how daring they really were when they asked me to be a guest blogger for a week!  Mercy, is it ever going to be an adventure.  But I am so honored that they asked me.   

Happy to be at Home is a great blogsite for anyone interested in any aspect of homemaking.  Recipes, helpful hints, etc. these three gals put a lot of work into it and we all get to reap the benefits.  And most importantly or at least most entertaining (-ly?!), they offer us glimpses into a different homemaker’s kitchen every week.  Next week, July 7th, ya’ll are going to be lucky enough to see my kitchen, my chaotic calm life style, my recipes, my routines, my clutter tidy home, etc.

My little “intro” is posted here… ladies and gentlemen, please keep remain seated until the ride has come to a full and complete stop… we wouldn’t want anyone falling out during this for sure crazy ride!