I’ve met lots of great gals here in this huge bloggy world.  Most of us can say that I think.  It’s one of the perks after being willing to constantly opening yourself up to a world of strangers and possible ridicule.

One of my new blogger friends is Keri.  We’ve never met in person but I just love her sweet spirit and fabulous smile.  Add to that the fact that we have several things in common, young kids, a love for Jesus, great hubbies, LOST, Dane Cook (*smile*)…

Well, I totally freaked out when I was reading her blog the other day because in some of the pics she’d posted I saw the area around her kitchen sink.  And folks, it’s very similar to mine.  Here, go take a look at this post of hers first.  And be sure to take a few moments to just absorb her precious new baby girl, Piper.  Dontcha just LOVE that name?  I do.  And ya’ll know how much I love me a newborn baby.  I have to be careful and not let Hubby catch me when I’m trying to get a good whiff of that sweet newborn baby smell through the computer monitor.  He gets a bit worried when I do it… he’s silly like that.  Doesn’t everyone try to use the smell-a-vision feature on their computers?  No? Oh. Well, pretend I didn’t say that then.

ANYWAYS!! Now that you’ve taken a gander at Piper, Keri and her kitchen sink, take a look at mine

*** insert Twilight Zone music here ****

Crazy huh?!  Okay maybe not to impressive for most of you but it knocked my socks clear off.  BTW, please ignore the empty paper towel holder… I’m getting to it, I promise.  It’s only been like that for 3 days now…

Alright, alright, I release you from this post to go back to Keri’s and soak in some more Piper-ness.  You know you want to.