I don’t know if you have noticed or not but Happy to be at Home blogsite has crashed.  They are working hard at reviving it but it may take a few days.  I’m feeling really bad for those three gals.  Not exactly how I would want to spend my holiday weekend… or the days after it either. 

It’s made me feel a tad clingy to my blog.  I mean, I’ve enjoyed my blog from the beginning, waaayyy back at the end of March when I first started it.  And while I don’t have all the great recipes, household tips, guest blogger posts and such that Happy to be at Home has, I would still be really upset if I lost all the silly, embarrassing, sad, reflective and super informative (yeah, it’s a stretch to use that word, I know.  I’m cool with it.  Still like to see it in the description tho) posts I’ve written these past few months.  I’m hoping that Happy to be at Home will be able to recover their site and all it’s information.  And I’m hoping I never have to experience what they are right now. 

So what does this mean for my guest posts this week?  Well, I’m still “on”.  I’ll still be writing them up and sending them over; my emails bursting at the seams with great recipes, photos, everyday tips that such scheduled and well-put-together moms like me always use.  * * yup.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it. If my posts appear at Happy to be at Home in any other condition, it must be because a lot got lost on it’s way through the internet * *  But they won’t be posted on the blog until everything is up and running, glitch-free and they have finished out the previous guest blogger’s posts.  So you probably won’t see me until next week. 

Did I mention it’s VBS all this week? Uh, yeah.  So please, when you do see me over there, be kind.  And if you catch glimpses of any frizzed out, unwashed hair… uhh, well, it won’t be mine.  It’ll be someone else standing in for me… my photo double.  Yeah, yeah, that’s it.

And tonight?  Well, I’ll be snuggling up to my blog all night.  I’m afraid to leave it all by it’s lonesome.  Need to keep it close by to protect it from all those blog bandits/viruses out there.  Must. Keep. It. Safe. From. Harm.  Because I have no idea how to recover anything… I’m the gal who, after putting her pencil down in front of her to turn the page of the book she’s reading, can’t find her pencil again. Encouraging isn’t it?!

Since it’s NOT, I’ve decided to add a totally unrelated photo.  In fact, it’s a 5 year old photo.  It’s of Poppett (2 years old) leaning over the back of the seat on a tram ride to kiss her cousin, “N”, also 2 years old.  Precious, simply precious…

It’s also great blackmail later down the road when she realizes the meaning behind “kissing cousins”.

*** Update to the Update.  Happy to be at Home is now up and running.  Yeah!  So I’m back on starting tomorrow.  Be sure and tune in for this glorious, super-revealing, peek into my world runamuck! ***

***New update: Here is the link to Day 1 of my guest blogging. Click that little ol mouse right about here***