I don’t know about you, but Spiderman, tho he has yet to be watched on tv or in a movie at our house, reigns supreme in the world of our boys’ super heros.  Monkey picked him as his 5th birthday party theme this year.  What works for me?  Simple, simple, simple parties.  So I thought I’d share my Spiderman party tips because I have a sneaky feeling that I’m not alone when it comes to him being a desired kids’ party theme…

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Decorations: I bought some black curling ribbon, the kind that comes on a really big “spool” for 99 cents and made webs out of it.  A bit difficult to write out the how-to but if you’d like the details, let me know and I’ll post it or send you and email with directions.  Then I used black pipe cleaners to make nice big spiders to put on the webs.  In hindsight, I wish I’d bought red and blue pipe cleaners instead since the black spiders disappeared in the black webs.  Plus, the spider that bite Peter Parker was red and blue not black. Oh well!  I stuck these up all around the house and that was it.  Simple, cheap and easy!


Games.  Most of my kids were born during hot months.  So I don’t get to rent a bouncy house and call it a day.  Nope.  All activities, unless they involve water, must be done inside.  And 10 kids running wild in a house is a bit much for adults to take.  So games, no matter how simple the party, are a necessity.  Not extravagant games remember… simple

Web Walk: like a cake walk except not. lol.  I took black, red and blue construction paper, drew spider webs on them with crayon and a number.  Since we were going to have 10 kids altogether, I did 1 through 5 twice.  Play music as the kids walk around from web to web.  When the music stops, a grown-up picked a number out of a hat and whoever was on that number (there would be two kids since that each number was done twice) would get to pick a candy or a coloring book.  (I bought 10 coloring books from the dollar store… a little pricey since there were 10 to buy but as a parent, I just have a hard time handing nothing but candy out…party pooper aren’t I?!) Repeat the music playing and number picking enough times so that everyone gets to pick a goodie a couple times.

(Sorry, this picture was taken after the party and all but these three had disappeared)

Pin the Spider on the Web: Bought a red poster board for $1 and drew a black web on it.  Drew 10 red and blue spiders (like the one that bit Peter Parker), one for each child with their name written on it and looped scotch tape on the back.  Blindfold each child and let them try to get the spider on the web.  The spider closest to the center wins.

Some of the “spiders” went home with the kids.  So there are white spots from tape on the spiders that left.)

Craft:  Again, because the party was all indoors I added a very simple craft for the kids to do.  I bought a pack of black pipe cleaners and a bag of assorted colored fuzzy balls and let the kids make spiders out of them.  I put all the parts to the spider in a brown paper lunch bag and labeled one for each child.  I wanted to eliminate any arguing over body colors.  What they had in their bag is what they got.  I also had some googly eyes on hand that I threw in there.  I precut each pipe cleaner in half and each bag got four (1/2) pipe cleaners to make 8 legs.  Grown-ups had to help twist the pipe cleaners together but then each child could bend the legs into knees and feet.  A little glue for the body to the center of the leg twist and a couple dots of glue for the eyes and Voila!  Spiders for everyone to take home.  I flattened each personalized paper bag and set the cooresponding spider on top of each one to dry.  That way there was no confusion as to who’s spider was who’s at the end of the party.

Food:  I’m not going to tell you what to fix, only to be sure and keep it simple.  Monkey wanted pizza so I bought a few grocery store pizzas (much cheaper and we found a store chain that actually makes pretty good pizzas).  We also had two Spiderman buckets (bought after halloween on clearance) that I lined with paper towels and filled with chips.  We also had baby carrots, watermelon and cantelope.  I made up some cherry flavored Cool Aid (made with half Splenda and half regular sugar) and labeled the pitcher “Spider Venom”.   That was it.  And it was plenty.

Cake:  Again, simple folks!  I made up a couple boxes of cake mix and baked them (they always end up being pretty thin after leveling off the tops.  I made two rounds with one mix and a thicker round with a second mix).  Whipped up some icing.  This one is a favorite of mine, minus the nuts and the sheet cake this time.  Stick the layers together with some of the icing (or you can use any flavor of jam/jelly) and then ice the rest of the cake.  I made some simple powdered sugar icing (powdered sugar with a few tablespoons of milk), made nice and thick.  I put it in a ziplock baggie and snipped off a corner to make a piping bag.  I used this icing to “draw” a spider web on the cake.  Hubby had bought a small spiderman figure and a few Iron Man bad guy figures (we couldn’t get ahold of any Spiderman bad guys.  But since my kids haven’t ever watched Spiderman, they didn’t know the difference).  I used some white thread to tie up the bad guys and attach them to Spiderman’s hand.  Here’s the finished cake:


It was a hit.  At the end of the party, we put the coloring books, craft spiders and goody bags (Spiderman stickers, web shooters and candy) all in the paper lunch bags to go home with the kids. 

*** GIVEAWAY*** I’m giving away the 6 black spiders and 6 webs of various sizes that I used for decorating the walls/ceilings with.  If you are interested in them, just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered into the drawing.  The winner will be randomly drawn Friday evening (July 11th).  Please be sure to leave a way to get in touch with you; either your blog name or an email address.  If I don’t hear from you within 3 days of the drawing, a new winner will be drawn.

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