So this evening, since it’d actually cooled off a bit, I ushered all the munchkins outside right after dinner.  I figured I’d just do all the clean up after they were in bed. 

So I’m out there with the kids, enjoying the slightly cooler temps when one of our elderly neighbor ladies came over to say hi.  We love her dearly.  She’s a no-nonsense personality but super nice.  We love bringing baked treats over to her.  So we visited awhile in the driveway and then we walked over to her house (she lives alone) to take a peek a nesting dove she has in her backyard.  Then, horror of all horrors, Poppett invites her over to see her cockatiel, Sunshine. 

As we head back over to our house, I start apologizing for what she’s going to see.  She stops me and tells me she’s always amazed at how I do all I do and to not worry about it.  Um, yeah, that’s coming from a lady who raised 5 boys!  She’s totally got me beat and she KNOWS what all goes into raising a handful of munchkins.  But I try to brace myself anyway. 

As we step into the house, the house I just walked out of 30 minutes before to enjoy the evening with my kids, all the little “things” here and there that I’d allowed to pile up the last couple days were glaringly obvious.  We’re talking floodlights illuminating them for all the world to see.  I tried to pick up a couple things while delightful neighbor lady admired the bird but I didn’t want to make too obvious.  I snicker now as I type this… like all the clutter and left-out food wasn’t obvious enough already!!

After the sweet lady left, I could only imagine what she was saying to herself.  If she turns down her next offer to step inside our home, I’ll understand why!  So what did I do?  Well, in between dunking kids in baths and helping to rinse shampoo out of the showering older munchkins, I was frantically picking up my house, loading the dishwasher and sweeping under the table.  Not that that did any good on the impression I just made with our neighbor.  The damage was done there and I’m totally humiliated over it. 

I might just have to shove her through the door tomorrow under some false pretense just to prove to her that my house really is picked up and semi-clean most of the time (I don’t dust enough.  There. I said it!). 

Tonight?  Well, after my mad cleaning frenzy, I made sure to reward myself with a nice big bowl of cookie dough ice cream with milk chocolate chips added in. 

Aahhhhhh…. that’s much better.

Want to read some great cleaning tips?  Jen over at Daily Mish Mash just wrote her tips down and I since I do all that she wrote, I thought I’d send you over to her.  My fingers are worn to the bone from cleaning (slight exaggeration maybe) so she saved me the pain of writing it up myself.