Lipstick Challenge Day 1

Specifically, a LIPSTICK challenge?  Well, I don’t know about you but in this area I talk a lot of talk but don’t walk it at ALL!  I L.O.V.E. lipsticks… on everyone else but me.  I fall in love with colors left and right but never have the guts to try them myself.  I always use the cop out that “I couldn’t pull it off” or that “it’s just not the right color for me”.  Today, I decided No More!  I am not going to be a lipstick chicken.  I WILL gather the courage necessary to step out of my comfort zone of calm berry/brown tones (that’s what I like to call them anyway) and step into the glorious spotlight of fabulous new lip color!

HOW will I be able to afford such a feat?  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret… I sell Mary Kay.  I know!  Isn’t that horrible that I can’t get up the nerve to try out my own product colors?  Oh I do use MY color in Mary Kay, just not anything new.  I have a TON of lip color samples.  Why on earth have I not tried them out in the safety of my own home?  I have no reason, just a lot of excuses.  Excuses that stop NOW.  And I’m going to share my experiments with you, my bloggy friends. 

Each day, for a week, I will try a brand new, so-outta-my-normal-comfort-zone, lip color.  I will take a picture to share with you via daily posts to get your feedback on which one works and which one doesn’t.  And I will go out in public

BUT, since I’m a bit shy, I don’t want to do this alone.  If I have to, I will.  But I really would rather not.  Please don’t make me.  PLEASE hold my virtual hand and walk with me!  And I’ve devised a plan to convince you to join me.  Bribing always helps, right?

If you decide to join me, first, go visit my Mary Kay website: (list of what I have is below).  This is NOT to pressure anyone into a sale!  It is simply the easiest way for you to view colors and shades.  Then leave a comment here telling me you’d like to participate and the 7 colors you’d like to try.  (All shades will be on a first come, first serve basis so don’t dilly-dally too long)  Lip Glosses may be added but please only pick 2 lip glosses to add to your 7 lip colors for a total of 9 samples.  Please be sure to leave an email address (it’s kept private) so that I can contact you.   I’ll mail your samples to you and then we wait for August 1st to begin the fun.

I want to hear/see what your results are each day.  Ideally, your own blog is the best format for sharing.  But if you don’t have one and would still like to participate, you can leave your comments on my daily lipstick posts.

Anyone willing to not only participate but also link up with me on their blog via a button will be entered into a drawing for a free Mary Kay lipstick of their choice.  I hope it’ll be a new color but doesn’t have to be. 

So who’s with me?  Anyone?  Hello?

Well, if you are there, here are you lip color options:

Red Salsa

Amber Suede

Apple Berry

Whipped Berries

Dusty Rose

Frosted Rose


Paradise Pink

Pink Satin

Pink Shimmer

Downtown Brown



Sheer Blush


Sweet Nectar

Apricot Glaze

Mocha Freeze


Coral Rose (Lip Gloss)

Melon Sorbet (Lip Gloss)

Berry Sparkle (Lip Gloss)

Pink Diamonds (Lip Gloss)

Sugarberry (Lip Gloss)

Gold Rush (Lip Gloss)

Beach Bronze (Lip Gloss)

Sweet Rasin (Lip Gloss)

And last but not least, here is the button text if you’d like to link up and be entered into the drawing for the free lipstick:

<a href=””><img src= /> </a>

I hope I did that right.  Please let me know if you can’t get it to work.  I’m new at this button thing. =0)