We love to eat fish here at the Runningamuck household.  Unfortunately, we don’t live very close to any good fishing spots.  That, and our fishermen skills need some serious work.  So we resort to buying our fish.  At Sam’s Club.  From the freezer section.  Great ain’t it?! 

Well, it actually is.  See, Sam’s Club carries several different types of fish that come with each fillet sealed individually within the bag.  So you can keep it in your freezer for years months without having to worry about any freezer burn. 

And my source for the length of time the fish will last in a freezer will remain confidential for eternity.  Because I’m such a dedicated journalist…

So go ahead!  Go buy the family some fish tomorrow!  It’s healthy, it’s yummy, it can be fixed in hundreds of different ways, and NOW it’ll last forever in the freezer!

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