But doesn’t he look so scrumptious during the process though??!!!!  Man, I serious could eat him up with a spoon. 

He’s my newest nephew, Baby O.  He and my sister and BIL came to visit us last week.  Baby O was part of the reason behind my bloggy disappearance.  I couldn’t put him down long enough to formulate a single thought that made any kind of sense whatsoever.  I can multitask like nobody’s business, don’t get me wrong.  I just can’t do it while holding a baby.  Everything else just plain goes out the window.

Here’s another random shot…

These are some of the flowers that we planted in McKee’s memorial and I love them.  L.O.V.E. them!  The rest of them are a paler pink but these ones are just so vibrant  (I feel like Anne of Green Gables whenever I use that word. That and “bosom friend”.  Although I don’t say that one very often… like never.  My friends/sisters would seriously run screaming from the room if I said that out loud.  I just don’t tell them when I think it).   These flowers pull me outside daily.  I walk over to them and just stare.  They wow me everytime.  All the flowers are taking off and filing in the area around McKee’s rock so nicely.  I’d post a picture of the whole thing but I couldn’t pull my eyes/camera off of these particular flowers.