So are we ready for our next stepping-out-of-our-comfort-zone color this morning ladies??  I am.  As soon as I make the rest of myself as ready as my puckerers are for today’s daring new color. 

But here’s Mr. Linky for all of you how are on a different time zone or just manage to get dressed and brush your teeth earlier than I do.

I’ll be back…

By the way, I think you all did a fabulous job with not only your colors yesterday but also your self-portraits.  Those suckers aren’t easy to take!

Case in point, my photo for today!! Do I need to even say it’s a horrible picture??  Nah, probably not.   Anyway, today I tried Apple Berry.  I liked it but it was a tad to bright so I toned it down a bit with the Cream and Sugar lip gloss.  I think it toned it down too much since it then looked very close to my usual colors.  So I give myself an “F” today since I didn’t step out of my comfort zone.  Sorry gals. 

I’m sure you gals all did MUCH better than me.