Good morning gals! 

My worst fear has been realized…. Hubby has found me out!  He saw my blog posts yesterday and of course he quickly offered to take pictures for me.  He faked some hurt feelings when I turned his offer down.  And my response to his question why was to point to this sentence in my first post: “Right about now I’m just hoping I can figure out how to take a picture of myself so I don’t have to endure Hubby’s tortuous teasing if I have to ask him to take one for me…”

What was his reaction to reading that?  He burst out laughing.  He KNEW I’d totally called it.  And he KNEW he wouldn’t be able to NOT tease me.  Even though he said he wouldn’t.  Uh huh! I know him all right. =0)

So this morning, I took another self-portrait.  Another severely lacking self portrait.  But I’ll stick to those thank you very much, when my alternative includes the life-long torture of a man’s perspective on this very serious challenge.

This morning was Pink Satin with a touch of Pink Diamonds lip gloss.  Love the sparkle.  It’s pretty much a repeat of the previous pink but with a pink top it looks much better.  What do you gals think?

Your turn!