Hello Ladies, sorry I’m so late with today’s post.  I had to do sign-ups for the kids charter classes and yowzers! Was THAT ever a fiasco!  We got there 20 minutes after they started the sign-ups and two of the classes we wanted were already full!!  So there was much finagling and rearranging going on.  We managed to get one class figured out but I’m still waiting to hear on the second one.  Boy was it a headache when it we had several schedules all dependent on each other.  So to have one of the kids not get their choices…

Okay!  But I’m shaking it all off and marching on here!  LIPSTICKS!  Love ’em!  The one I tried today was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.  I used Red Salsa.  And it was bad.  Real bad.  So I used Sweet Raisin lip gloss to try to tone it down some.  It did a little but not much. 

Pretty bold, ain’t it?!  It was still fun trying it out.  Tiger (3), asked me why my lips were pink.  Um, honey, I don’t think pink is the color… but I knew what he meant.  Interpreted, that means, “Mom, that color is looks crazy weird on you”

How did the rest of you do?