Good morning everyone.  I’m rushing out the door to try and nab some Children’s Place Deals (I know, they’ve been around for a week or so now but better late than never!) so go ahead and add your post to good ol Mr. Linky and I’ll be back this afternoon to add my photo.

Still trying to decide which one to try…

Okay so I’m back.  I’m tired ya’ll.  I’m REAL tired.  I have a picture unfortunately to prove it.  I took a nice nap today and everything but it didn’t seem to change much.  I had to soften up my picture just so ya’ll could handle checking out my lipstick.  Apparently, when I’m REAL tired, I start writing with a southern accent… 

Anyhoo, WHIPPED BERRIES is the topic at hand.  I do like this color but it is very similar to my regular color range.  So not much of a stretch but pretty none the less.

I blame this picture all on Children’s Place.  The mental strain of trying to remember what sizes I needed in what clothing items, for which child… and the physical workout of battling other moms for the same t-shirts, trying to beat each other to the checkout line (when you start eye-balling each other’s loads of clothing to purchase… well, let’s just say to start making mental notes of who you DON’T want to be behind!) and of course, keeping the continuous line of food and snacks flowing to the four munchkins who are every bit as tired as you are from five straight days of late bedtimes and some missed naps.  It just wasn’t pretty ya’ll (there I go again!). 

But I’m headed to bed now so that tomorrow’s lipstick has a fighting chance of being put on a half-way decent face tomorrow.  No lipstick likes having to compete against the dreaded dark bags under the eyeballs that scream for attention.  Although, as a plus, tomorrow is free movie at the theater so maybe I can catch some shut eye during the CareBears movie…?  Ya think??