I was a tad overwhelmed yesterday.  I won’t go in to details except to say it involves an unhealed ankle incision (3 weeks now), last minute changes to school lesson plans (school starts in 2 weeks) and preparing to leave for the weekend without kids (meaning my SIL and BIL will be staying here).

‘Nough said.

And so the result was, I never got to the computer yesterday… well, except for the two hours I spent trying to figure out the new books I needed to order for my lesson changes. Phew!

So today, can you do two Mr. Linkies, one for yesterday and one for today?  That’s if you have a post for yesterday.  Maybe your day was as hectic and emotionally draining as mine was.  In that case, cut yourself a break and just do today’s.  =0)  Me?  Well, I’m going to try out two lipsticks today.  It just might make my day. 

I’ll be baacckkkkk…