Can I just proclaim the fact that I got to see Seinfeld during our trip to Vegas last weekend?  Yep.  I did.  The seats were only a few rows back and HE. WAS. HILARIOUS! At one point I cried.  I cried big ol tears.  I cried big ol tears while I howled embarrassingly loudly for a sober person.  Not that there were drunk people stumbling up and down the aisles or anything.  Far from it.  I was just a little too loud at one point, of course waaayyyy to late to be able to try to stop myself.  By the time I’d realized it the damage was done.  But what the heck.  He WAS funny.  And I’m moving on.  I’ve never claimed to be an etiquette queen.  I’m just thankful there wasn’t a snort in there somewhere too.  At least, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t one… 

Anyho, if you ever get a chance.  Go.  He won’t disappoint you, your abs will get a great workout and your hubby will be so happy you didn’t drag him to a show where the men wear tights.

This week is landing me back to the land of reality HARD.  Amongst the trials of trying to get back on schedule (why is it so easy for your body to get accustomed to sleeping in and not cooking after only two days?! Why?!), school starts next week.  Which for us homeschoolers, means crunch time.  This last week is filled with last minute changes to your lesson plans and dashes to the bookstores and libraries to try and locate the books for these said last minute changes.  It’s also the time to sit down and really take a gander at what the lesson plans even are.  Have I scheduled enough?  Have I scheduled too much?  Am I getting chunkystretching the kids intellectually or freaking them out and scarring them for life?  Sometimes, what seems to be a no-brain-er really is a fine line between great success and utter, total, hair-singe-ing chaos.  So yes, I’m stressing.  I almost wish school would just start so I could see how this is all going work, or not work.  Then I could hurry up and make the adjustments and quite worrying.

Oh wait, that’s right. 

I can’t stop worrying. 

Because my name is MOM. 

Ha, silly me.